Week Twentyone

My imagination is my workshop!

Power of thought!

Combining thought, feeling and visualization is magic in that it brings results! The results one needs to achieve their beautiful dreams and passions. These skills in unison with dedicated work driven by passion are profound keys to success!

This week’s lesson has lifted me to tremendous heights! These words have bathed my spirit, mind, and body! I have posted “My imagination is my workshop!” on my bus as a moment to moment reminder of the power I have within me!

While in this course we have been told this over and over again, yet, when I read it suddenly it came to life!

Since early childhood I recognized my wonderful imagination, now I put it to good use!

Mark J posted this video for all of us to enjoy and share: https://youtu.be/EFhkdzj-x80

“The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale”. This is a very great video and Earl reveals the secret which most people will never realize in life. Recommended viewing by ALL including children.

I am filled with Infinite Love and Gratitude!


Week Sixteen

The MKA Tribe is the most generous and giving tribe I have ever had the joy of being a part of! I love Sunaday Webbys with Mark J. The Fablous Davene and the other two remarkable ladies!

Two deeply moving and insightfull hours of guided discovery. The encouagement to know that as I am peeling layers back of self protection, I am in the comptent hands and hearts of the entire MKA team!

I am grateful to the whole community of MKA and a special thank you to all of you who have taken the time to read an comment on my posts! My heart is shining with Love, Joy and Gratitude! MAHALO!!!

Give More, Get More!

Week Seventeen

As my onion is unwrapping I am rediscovering a stronger, happier, vibrant self!

I have been deepening my daily activities dipped in gratitude! It has been challenging at times as the folks managing the company I am working at are projecting negativity and discontent. The breakroom is filled with discounted employees. Daily I scan for the happy souls that are living in gratitude. Friendships are being formed.

The more I smile and project joy and gratitude I am noticing an ever-increasing number of drivers are waving to me as we pass one another.

I am still vulnerable to my “boss” who has dismissed me as someone he does not care to deal with. It is kind of funny and sad at the same time. One night I dashed out after work and realized I had left my phone. 45 minutes later I returned, and the front door was locked. I knew dispatch was still working. I had just minutes to spare to receive a phone call from my business partner. This building is huge. About 35 yards long. I entered through the mechanic bay door. It was clearly marked, “Mechanics Only”. Due to my time constraints and clearly seeing all the mechanics were busy at work I dashed in and entered the hall way. I about ran into my “boss”. He stopped me and said, Wait, what, what are you doing? Did you just come through that door? I wanted to say, the door you just saw me come through? Instead, I replied, “Yes” It was clear he wanted to detain me. I said excuse me I have a very important business call that I am about to be late for. I need to get my phone. He stopped me and said, “Let me make this perfectly clear, you are not allowed to use this door and I expect you not to ever use it again. Next time you go around until you find someone to let you in.” (In my mind I am thinking, this makes no sense, interrupt a mechanic to let me in? or circumnavigate the building pulling on every door. I knew no doors would be open except for this one, how on earth does this make any sense?) Instead I answered with the only answer he wanted to hear, “ok” I then followed up with, “Is my phone in dispatch?” I do not think he felt much satisfaction at that moment. I got my phone and ended up only being three minutes late.

This happened two or more weeks ago, and he sees me and hands me my bus keys but does not greet me in any form or fashion with any spark of joy or interest in me.

“Give More, Get More” I repeat to myself as I see him. My journey to self discover is alive and well!


Week Eighteen

This process of learing about our subconscious mind is one of the greatest experiences of mine to date!

It is a time consuming, earth moving process and I am grateful for the leadership from Mark J. and his passionate team!

Through my journey I have come into alignment with  Dr. Darren Weissman who joined our team ASEA. By the energy fields I was aligned to meet him quite my chance. I was dialed into a monthly ZOOM call and could not get through. I decided to go take a look at the archives and there was a recording of his presentation! He is also an expert in aligining our  active mind with our subby.

I highly reccomend checking him out. He has a lot to offer us in this remarkable path we are on with Mark J! I can hardly wait to ask Mark if he has met this collegue.


My heart is filled with infinite Love and Gratitude!


Week Thirteen

Blogging has become a medium in which to put oneself out there. The better the blog the more readers it will attract. Consistently great blogs will bring great rewards.

As part of my MKA requirement I have been posting a blog weekly. I do have to admit I am catching up on posting weekly. Up until now my intentions were to get the blog posted to remain in the course. I gave it respectable time and attention to posting a blog that would be of interest and use to others.

Well my blogging friends step back as now I am going to ramp in up in the upcoming weeks. I had the good fortune of meeting a remarkable author, Dori Clark. She is an incredible person on her own standing and an exceptional writer, speaker, and entrepreneur Here is her web site, http://www.doriclark.com/  check her out for yourself! She is an avid reader and one can tell by listening to her during interviews and TED Talks. I find it remarkable for a person in her early 40”is how generous she is with sharing her knowledge and printed materials.

Even better here is a copy of her bio:

“Dorie Clark is an adjunct professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and the author of Entrepreneurial You, Reinventing You and Stand Out, which was named the #1 Leadership Book of 2015 by Inc. magazine. A former presidential campaign spokeswoman, the New York Times described her as an “expert at self-reinvention and helping others make changes in their lives.” A frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review, she consults and speaks for clients including Google, Microsoft, and the World Bank. You can download her free Entrepreneurial Your self-assessment workbook.” https://dorieclark.com/about/

One major take away I received from Dori was the magic and art of blogging to promote yourself and your product!  I am taking this blogging to a whole new level. It will take me months and years to perfect, however, I embrace the challenge. As far as reinventing myself, that has already begun with MKA as I learn how to maximize my sub conscious mind!


Give More, Get More!

Week Twelve

“You must first, have the knowledge of your power, second, the courage to dare, third, the faith to do.” Charles Haanel

Since taking this MKA course, I have been emblazoned with the power to create my own reality and take possession of the self-limiting beliefs that have plagued me for years. I have been handed a compass and been given encouragement to set a path directly towards my life’s legacy.

I have taken my power back from all my negative self-talk. Now, I greet each day with the drive to be present, give love, and give more to all that cross my path. This includes, students that ride my bus, drivers I share the road with, coworkers and any other people or animals that are sent my way. It lifts me up, empowers me to be a better version of myself.

To dare my dreams and ambitions to come to fruition is empowering. It brings home what  Jim Rohn, has been saying all along, If you want more, be more.” Somewhere along the way I have fallen deep into a” comfort zone”. Yuck! It has been holding me back for years without my even acknowledging it. A spherical creep! I am working earnestly to release myself from it fearless grip. With this course and the supports from my guide and friends I am pulling free. It is a 24 hour a day mission.

To have and keep faith I succeed to fulfill my destiny!

I am taking a deep look at who I am becoming, what more I need to do to get to where I want to be!

My mission is to leave a legacy for my son. In this journey I will also bring farming opportunities to many Farmpreneurs in mid coast Maine. Already, I feel the joy and spirit in my heart coming to life. In this quest I am becoming a better business woman, a wonderful story teller, a strong and gifted leader, while enhancing others lives by introducing them to my business and life enriching product!

Give More, Get More

Week Eleven


This week was a wild one!

I started a new route with 160 new students and six new schools. My previous route was nearly a dream. Two schools. The first group was for middle schoolers. The second was for K-6. I had an excellent rapport with both groups. The curveball was it only took four hours per day. Now, that charters were all but dried up, the extra income was about to cease. I needed to earn more hours. No longer willing to let any money set on the table I bid for three routes hoping I would win one of them.

It turns out I was awarded one of the most notorious routes in Boise.

This route has had four or five bus drivers since September. Many drivers warned me not to bid on it. I knew it must be a challenging route as many drivers had crossed their names off the bid sheet. Two veteran drivers suggested I wait for a more comfortable route. I crossed my name off. I needed the extra hours but decided to bid on the next week’s available routes. My name was called over the radio to check in with dispatch after my route. Surprise, they awarded me the route anyway!

Ok, now I was challenged! I hesitantly accepted the route.

Bidding farewell was sad. I had been driving this route for two years. I knew their personalities. My younger elementary students showered me with hugs, gifts, and precious handwritten notes. They were asking me when I was coming back. I received a few farewells, and trinkets from the older Middle School students.

My first morning run on the new route was uneventful. The afternoon was starkly different. I earned THREE schools back to back. Each busload was filled with over 40 students and a noise level of 10 or higher. I did not know any of their names and they had not had any expectations set on them. It was Kayos! The scene is something you would find in a comedy movie. The saving grace was I was mentally ready for them and the challenges. 50% of each bus load was filled with ELL, English Language Learners. They represent a diverse group of refugee students from around the world.

I handled the situation with firmness and conviction! I was a woman standing in her power! A force to be recognized. When the students REFUSED to give their names, I stayed cool. I involved the schools. The students were given seat assignments which many of them got to choose.  With Pride, I can say miles of ground has been achieved! With the support of the schools, my students understand the new Sheriff in town means business.

As one eight grade student was getting off, he stopped and said he was going to report me for the students being so loud. Puzzled, I said, “ ok.” The second time he said this, I said, “I am open to any suggestions you may have, please put them in writing, and I will look at them.” The third time, I was proud of the semi-quiet bus.  It was now a noise level of five. As he got off and complained the bus was too loud, I just said, “hey buddy I am working on it.”

Nine days on the new route and the three groups of students have settled down! I am amazed! Truly amazed. Part of it, I believe is they were ready for order. All of us love order and calmness.

Now, we can start having fun. The younger ones anyway. In my first week, I received three hand-drawn notes, a tub of homemade cookies, and many smiling faces. One middle school student asked if I was homeschooled as a child. I found this to be an interesting question. Unfortunately, I do not know which student asked this. One day I will find out and ask him how he came up with such a question. Two middle school students were suspended from my bus for three days. On Friday, the other students were commenting on how pleasant it was to be on a quiet bus.

Give more, get more!

Week Ten

Week Ten

I am so happy and grateful to be tapping into my subby’s powers! Many situations have been turned from a negative into a positive! How quickly others will soften their stance when met with love!

I love the Law of Abundance! It is a real treat to live this out loud! At work, I used to beg for bus charters. Now I visualize my name on charter sheets and BAM, the universe provides!

My dog Charlie is doing well. He really wants to chase the ball. I toss it to his feet, and he gets great joy out of this. I feel like I am at an old folks home as I have limited his play. It is comforting to see him content with “chasing the ball” with just a few inches versus dozens of feet.

My assignments with MKA are progressing, and I can feel the progress as I come better schooled as to program my subby.

I genuinely love this journey!

Week Nine

This week began as a usual routine. Attend the weekly awesome Sunday MKA webby. Go into deep reflection and prepare the upcoming week.

Monday and Tuesday started out as usual up at five AM, out the door by five thirty arrive at work by six fifteen. Only on Wednesday, my best friend and dog Charlie could not walk quite right. Fear gripped my thinking and body. What do you do for a twelve-year-old lab that cannot walk? I cried and took care of him. I made an appointment for a veterinarian to give me some good news. The first meeting was not until Saturday. I took my best friend and constant companion to an ER vet Friday morning. Charlie was pretty chill at the veterinarian’s. He mingled with the other dogs and patiently waited his turn. After some time, we were awarded a room. Another hour passed. The technician came in and said another emergency arrived and she could not give a specific time as to when Charlie could be seen. I had no choice but to make a mad dash back to work with Charlie in tow.

It was heartbreaking to see my bud struggle. He had to lay down to relieve himself. I was far from letting him go. Just twelve more hours until I could get him to my veterinarian.

We were right on time, and the vet quickly diagnosed Charlie with severe arthritis. He offered to take an x-ray for $160.00 and provide surgery between three to five thousand dollars. I said, “I will just take the pain meds, please.”

Monday morning arrived, and I got into now a third vet’s office. She got down on the floor and took her time. He prognosis was That Charlie was suffering from a sever neurology disorder. She offered two tests totaling over five hundred dollars. She also informed me the results would take five to eight days, and most dogs recovered after 3-6 months. I told her I would wait for the blood tests.

I got my Charlie home and began giving him 30 ccs (three times a day) of Redox Signaling Molecules.  I also posted prayer requests on FB for Charlie’s recovery. The following day-Sunday I began to see improvement. For one, Charlie had a little more spunk. He no longer looked like he was miserable and confused. Instead, he looked alert and engaged.

Within seven days my best buddy was walking and taking care of his needs on his own! He was back from the brink! He continues to improve daily! Singing praised to God and the healing that was restored from giving him Cellular Signaling Molecules!

With this fantastic course MKA, I was able to stop my negative thoughts and transform them into prayers, hope, and action!

Week Eight

Week Eight

Paean-Song of Triumph!

This week we are continuing to delve into our subconscious mind. In doing so, we are rewriting/rewiring our old negative thoughts about ourselves and those situations we encounter breath by breath. This has been rewarding as it has been freeing up my negative random repeating internal dialog. Rewarding that I am bringing peace and harmony back into my life. Replacing the negative chatter with positive words and new ambitions to a better life.

As the author said so eloquently, “Hatred is destructive, and we shall soon find that by entertaining destructive thoughts we are sowing the wind and in turn shall reap the whirlwind.”

It is clear to live life well spent is to live with joy and gratitude. Dismissing all the negative I am surrounded with by unknowing souls who are projecting their unconscious choice to see the bad in every situation. At Costco, the other day as I stepped out of my vehicle I noticed the sky was changing from dark clouds to sunny skies. A woman in the next car stepped out and looking at the same sky said to the person she was with, “Ug, it is miserable here, cold and unforgiving. Not a darn good thing about this place in Idaho; nor in Montana….”

Each day I grow stronger, and my thoughts are becoming harmonious with my discipline to catch myself as my mind begins to wander from harmonious to critical.